I am from Scottsdale, Arizona and have lived there for about 25 years. My hubby and I are fortunate to travel the world to explore exciting destinations and adventures. When our son went off to college and we became empty nesters we really started to see the world, no sense in staying at home when the world is your oyster!  My husband has become a great “search engine” for great travel deals finding our trip to Tahiti, New Zealand & Australia for $1250pp including Tahiti hotel, and another trip to Rome and Amalfi Coast for under $1000pp including hotels & just recently we flew to Amsterdam from Phoenix Arizona for $525 round trip.  Follow me on our adventures through social media and I will be sharing great tips and deals that are affordable.

My favorite spots to get away.


Italy is a beautiful place to enjoy seeing the countryside.  Take the time to escape from the big cities and get to the countryside, one of our favorite things to do in Italy is rent ebikes (electric bikes) and take our time to explore Tuscany and tour a few wineries.  Also try to avoid the summertime in Italy its just too crowded, try and go during the shoulder season.


So Thailand is another one of our favorites!  Tricky part honestly is that it takes 27 hours to get there, yep timed it once from door to door it took that long to arrive at the hotel.  The best part about Thailand is the massages, we would do massages after breakfast, another one in the afternoon and of course before bed.  They range from $10-$15 USD for one massage, even if you don’t have a great massage person they are working on your muscles, love it!

Check out Hua Hin, Thailand it is one of my favorite places in Thailand, a little hard to get there you fly into Bangkok and then a 2 hour taxi ride to Hua Hin so be prepared for that.  Hua Hin is right on the beach and yes you can get your massage right on the beach.



Germany is a fantastic country with friendly people- most of which speak English.  What we like about Germany is that there a little towns all through Germany that you can enjoy as you are touring through the country, there is the Rhine River that runs through Germany and there a ton of little towns along the way, was thinking of my favorite but honestly I love all of them!  it just seems like Germany countryside is like a fairytale book with all these beautiful rolling green hills and townships with a church steeples in every town.  Even in the winter is beautiful, do not miss the Christmas Festivals- Germans do it right!

Here is a list of our favorite towns:  Coblenz, Rudesheim, Frankfurt and honestly anything along the Rhine River is beautiful and worth the visit.  Also check out all the local wineries, our favorite was visiting Machmer Winery which is just south of Mainz, this is a family owned winery, loved our visit!



I am a fanatic about FITBIT I wear it wherever I am at, even have challenges every week, you will most likely see me wearing my fitbit in all my pictures. I also have a backup charger with me when I go on trips because I seem to leave things behind at hotels, I tell my husband its my “calling card”



Sun Visor

“No Headache Visor” This is my favorite visor, I love it because it has an adjustable strap and will stay on your head even when biking or a windy day. Its flexible so it can fit into your suitcase without losing its shape, they come in six different colors so you could get several, Amazon has it listed under $10.


Olaplex Intense Mask Conditioning

No doubt while on vacation your hair feels like it needs some attention.  I love this Mask conditioning for your hair, give your hair some super food!!!!


Fitflop Sandals

Fitflop sandals are my absolute favorite, think I must have been wearing them for over 10 years now. This one is great because its a basic black you could wear it with a dress as well as jeans or shorts. The reason I love fitflops is that they have a good cushion as well as good support especially for those people who have plantar fasciitis.


Places I’ve explored


Countries Traveled


Flights Boarded


Miles Flown

1. Rio de Janeiro  2. Shanghai  3. Taiwan  4. Moscow  5. Maldives

 6. Istanbul 7. Bora, Bora 8. Melbourne  9. Fiji

Love for my pup roscoe

When I’m not out & about traveling, one of my favorite things to do is hang out with my havanese pup, Roscoe. This little ball of fluff keeps me active, but definitely wears me out! He is one of the family, which is why I am sharing some of my favorite pet products for pups below.

Travel Bottle & Bowl

This bottle was designed for pups on the go, and goes wherever you and your furry friend venture. Its reversible leaf-shaped bowl lays flat over bottle when not in use.


Dog Travel Bag

Does your furry friend get to travel with you? If so, this is the perfect bag for your pup. This airline approved pet carrier comes with all the necessities you will need when traveling with your pet.


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