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A collection of travel hacks I’ve learned from visiting countries all over the world.

A few tips I learned on some recent vacations


Keep in mind that there are 2 airports in Tokyo you can fly into. Haneda and Narita, between the two I prefer flying into Haneda airport, they offer a train into Tokyo and the airport is smaller and much easier to get around.


Bali is a wonderful place to visit, best time to visit is in July, surprisingly that is their dry season.  Book a private driver for your stay, it is very inexpensive at $45 for the entire day.  As you exit the airport there are all kinds of taxi drivers looking for business, book ahead to avoid the craziness at the airport.  Also if you are the adventurous type of person rent a scooter & explore on your own, traffic is crazy in Bali, you can get places easier on a scooter.


Rome is a fantastic city to visit, try not to get to overwhelmed with the city.  Try taking an electric bike tour it allows you to see the city without tiring out your legs and feet and you can cover quite a bit of ground.  Spend a couple of days sightseeing and then getaway from Rome by taking a train towards the Amalfi Coast.  Stay in the sleepy little town of Sorrento and from there you can take several trains into Pompeii and Naples, honestly to see everything you need a couple of weeks, don’t try to crunch everything into 1 week otherwise you will be exhausted for sure.

Some of the best products for vacation

Suitcase Organizers

Suitcase organizers can be your saving grace! Not only do they keep you organized, but they can help compress your essentials so you don’t have to worry about bringing an extra bag.


Back Pillows

Let’s face it, airplanes have the worst seats. This memory foam support pillow has become my best friend because of that reason. Ergonomic curved shape can mold perfectly on the lower back helping improve posture when you sit and relief the tension on the lumbar low back zone, feeling full comfy rest on the seat of your car, on the office chair, men back pain relief for truck driving, and high comfort back massage for ladies.



Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a must. We all have that fear of getting to baggage claim, and not seeing our suitcase on the carousel. Finding unique luggage tags not only help you in the event of losing your suitcase, but it can make your bag that much easier to identify among all the other bags.



Airplane Footrest

This is essential for any long flight. Airplane footrests are a game changer and allow you to actually get some shut eye on the plane. This footrest attaches to the seatback and allows you to kick back and relax, and enjoy your flight.



Packing for long trips

There are a ton of travel blogs out there to teach you how to pack for trips, my biggest tip is DO NOT OVERPACK!!!!!  When we travel we only do carryon luggage due to the fact that the airline could lose your luggage and you can get out of the airport quickly and onto your vacation.  Of course there are videos on how to pack, I roll everything in my bag.  Tuck your socks into your shoes, and use every part of your suitcase, tuck underwear into corners of your suitcase.  Lay out all of your clothes and then put 2 shirts, shorts or pants back into your closet because everyone overpacks.  All hotels can do laundry so no need to overpack your entire closet into your suitcase.  In regards to your cosmetics use travel size containers to bring your creams, shampoos hairspray etc. find a cosmetic bag that you can hang, my favorite one is from “the container store” it holds a ton of products for me and will pass thru security without a problem.  Also my favorite thing is my blanket- its small but in case of cold airplanes with no blankets it helps out and in some cases you may check into a hotel that has terrible sheets and blankets, its always nice to have your own blanket to snuggle up with.

Apply for Global Entry

One of the biggest tips I can tell you is to apply for “global entry” this will save you huge amounts of time.  This also allows you to automatically have TSA precheck- so no taking your shoes off or emptying out your bag of liquids or laptap computers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to bypass that huge line when you fly into the United States????

Here is a list of valuable websites that we use while traveling or planning a trip…..

Skip the  line

Do you dread the lines at airport security? I think it’s safe to say that we all do. Last fall, you may have noticed CLEAR machines popping up in your hometown airport. With CLEAR, your eyes and fingertips get you through security faster at airports and stadiums. This is highly recommended for those who travel often, as it can save you a ton of time and only takes a few minutes to sign up for!

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