Lisbon, Portugal

So excited to share our travels with all of you.  In May 2023 we traveled to Lisbon, Portugal and got to enjoy Portuguese Culture.  We have made it simple so you too can travel to Portugal and we have done all the work for you.  Enjoy our Travel Guide to Lisbon, Portugal.


Background of Lisbon

First up, just a bit of background on Lisbon. 

Predating historic capitals like Paris and Rome, Lisbon, or Lisboa as it’s called in Portuguese, is the oldest city in Western Europe.

Situated along the estuary of the Tagus River and the Atlantic coast, Portugal’s capital city has centuries of history for visitors to explore. From its colorful buildings and its hilly terrain to its iconic castles and incredible vistas, tourists will find historical gems and breathtaking scenery in abundance far and wide.

With its extraordinary street art and mosaic calçada, a traditional Portuguese pavement, Lisbon is quite literally an open-air gallery

It’s beautiful, it’s hilly, it’s got that same artsy vibe, and it’s home to some amazing food, both Portuguese and international. It’s one of those cities that makes you feel good simply by being there.

Lisbon is the capital and largest city in Portugal. Located on the estuary of the Tagus River, it’s the westernmost of all European capitals

Today, Lisbon is regarded as one of the most vibrant and charismatic cities in Europe. Like Rome, it was built on seven hills. It’s characterized by cobblestone streets and hilly neighborhoods traversed by a network of trams that have been in operation since the turn of the 20th century. Lisbon is very much a city of balconies and vistas, the most striking of which can be appreciated from the many miradouros or terraced viewpoints that cap the city’s hills. 






My Favorite Things to Take on


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The Best Time To Visit Portugal

Similar to many European destinations, Lisbon’s summer months are considered the high peak season. Those looking for more inexpensive accommodations while still enjoying warmer temperatures should aim to visit the gorgeous city in the spring or early fall. 

However, compared to other European cities, Lisbon does have more moderate winters, with an average high of around 60 °F and a low of about 50 °F. Visitors that do visit in the cooler months should pack an umbrella as the winter does have moderate rainfall.  Year-round climate makes Lisbon an ideal destination at any time of the year 

Lisbon enjoys a warm climate with mild winters and very warm summers. 

Lisbon is very close to the ocean, which brings windy and fast-changing weather, so you’d better bring extra outerwear or an umbrella with you, at least in winter, spring and autumn. 

How To Get Around

  • What about getting around once you are there? And should you rent a car?  
  • Lisbon offers up a variety of public transportation options, from buses to trains to their unique tram cars.  Uber and taxis are always a backup option if you want the easy way out! 
  • Rent a bike. 
  • But whatever transit option you prefer, plan to do a lot of walking, with some of it uphill.   
  • With so many exciting landmarks to see, some of which sit atop steep hills, visitors should pack a pair of comfy sneakers.  The combination of Lisbon’s public transportation system is extensive and efficient.  
  • If you enjoy walking like I do, then it’s a great city to explore on foot as well.   
  • If you plan on using public transportation a lot, then you may want to consider picking up a Lisbon transit card.  Their basic transit card can be bought for 0.5 euros and loaded up with money and used whenever and as long as you want.    




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Looking For A Place To Stay?


The hotel makes use of a historical apartment building dating back to the first half of the 1900s’.  It was converted to the Holiday Inn Express Lisbon about 9 years ago and the redo makes the common area feel more  little like a boutique hotel.   

What’s so special about AlmadaIt’s a less traveled area for tourists where you can get a feel for a local neighborhood, take scenic ferry ride across the river as well as a scenic walk along an uncrowded waterfront with great views back out over Lisbon.    
On top of that, there is a cool (and free) elevator you can ride up to the top of some cliffs and from there take a short Uber ride to the impressive Christ The King statueHere you’ll have even more impressive view out over the April 25th bridge and the rest of Lisbon.  

Great Day Trip From Lisbon