San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

Our Adventures to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

In December 2018 we took a trip to San Jose, Del Cabo. We really enjoy San Jose Del Cabo over Cabo San Lucas its more quiet and has a relaxed vibe. We were able to rent a car so we were able to head out to several different beaches nearby and drive into the downtown area of San Jose to experience some of the nightlife and great food they have to offer.

Wanna know more about San Jose Del Cabo check out our youtube channel.


Releasing Turtles into The Sea of Cortez

My favorite part of our trip was releasing these baby turtles into the ocean.  On the beach near the Holiday Inn Resort is a fenced in area that is dedicated to preserving the turtle population.  September – December is when the turtle eggs are layed, there is a volunteer group that locates the eggs and replants them in this protected area, about 32 days later the eggs hatch.  Everything in this protected area is watched over very carefully, they watch the area daily and during this visit they helped the turtles hatch.  We watched as over 100 of these babies were released into the ocean.  Just the most incredible experience!!!!

Hiking Mt. Solmar

This is a great hike with incredible views looking over Cabo San Lucas, check out our youtube channel for more fun excursions and travel guides.

My favorite product to take to Mexico

Water Resistant Beach Bag

If you’re planning to bring your waterproof phone case or underwater camera out on an adventure to boat, while snorkeling or while paddle boarding, you’ll want to invest in a flotation strap in case you lose your grip!



When you’re on the beach in Mexico, go ahead and rock a romper! They’re light weight so you won’t get overheated, and they’re super adorable.


Bike Lock

If your hotel room has no safe, you might want to lock a bag to something in a room. Most decent hotels shouldn’t have security problems – none that I have stayed in have ever felt dodgy – but we clearly haven’t been to every hotel in Mexico so we can’t speak for them all!


First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must for any international travel. Invest in a good kit that has more than just bandaids and will provide you the proper tools in case of an accident.


amazing things to experience at San Jose Del Cabo

Sunsets in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

Do not miss out on the amazing sunsets in Mexico, grab your iPhone, camera or GoPro and get ready to catch some beautiful pictures, this picture was taken at Santa Maria Beach.  This is a spot where tourist boats come to for some snorkeling excursions, so it can become busy but at sunset its a quiet and relaxing place to be.

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