Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is located in the Yucatan Pennisula of Mexico.  From the Cancun airport it takes about 60 minutes to get there – well depending on your taxi driver.  If you take the local bus it takes a full 60 minutes to get there.  It is one of our favorite beach destinations. Such a fun place to visit and so many things to do and see from Playa Del Carmen, below I will mention a few that you should put on your list.  

Also do not miss on the fabulous street food, we love trying the street tacos.  So fun to meet the locals and try some spicy food that we might not be able to get at home. 


Rio Secreto

 Looking for a great experience for the whole family???  Check out Rio Secreto, they have several packages to choose from.  We did a bike ride, repelling into a cave and then swimming through an underground river.  It will be something that you will not forget and will be the highlight of your trip.

Check out our video here on what you will experience. 


The Fives, Playa Del Carmen

Needing a place to stay?  The Fives, has you covered!!!!  A beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Playa Del Carmen, this hotel is just one block from the main street which is nice – you don’t get the crazy drunk people walking down the street next to your hotel.  Its also just a couple of blocks away from the ferry – which takes you to Cozumel.

Check out our hotel review of this hotel. 


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Playa Del Carmen

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