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Mazatlan, Mexico

So excited to share our travels with all of you.  In March 2023 we traveled to Mazatlan, Mexico and got to get another taste of Mexico.  We have made it simple so you too can travel to Mazatlan and we have done all the work for you.  Enjoy our Travel Guide of Mazatlan Mexico!


Background of Mazatlan




Mazatlán is a beachfront destination on the West coast of mainland Mexico just to the east of the tip of the Baja peninsula and Los Cabos.

It was founded back in 1531, when the Spanish took control of the area, but nothing much really happened here until the 19th century. After WW II, Mazatlán started to attract sport fishing tourists.  Then, more mainstream tourism began to take hold in the 1970’s with the development of the “Zona Dorada” or Golden Zone north of downtown – where many new hotel and timeshare were built.

Only in the last decade or so has the historical downtown area also seen redevelopment and it’s now being rediscovered again by many people.

Today, Mazatlán is a large working city stretching some 20 miles up & down the coast. Although the tourist zone is relatively small and approachable, Mazatlan overall is the 2nd largest city in the state of Sinaloa with a population of almost ½ million people.

Mazatlán is cheap! – Compared to most other Mexico tourist destinations, hotels are cheaper, public transportation is cheaper, and meals and activities don’t cost as much either.

Overall, you can feel that Mazatlan is geared a bit more toward local Mexican tourists but its great option for gringos as well.




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The Malecon

Biking the Malecon

Mazatlan’s Malecon is one of the longest beachfront promenades in the world at 21km or 13 miles and links the Golden Zone area to the North to the historical cento area to the South.

You can walk it but, in our opinion, it’s best experienced by renting a bike and riding all of it from North to South which makes it an ever so slightly downhill ride.

Pro Tip: Rent bikes from Baikas bike rental which has two stores at either end of the Malecon.  So, you can rent at one side and return at the other side.  The cost for a 3-5 hour bike rental is 200peso or ~$10. 

Also, strolling the Malecon in the early evening is especially pleasant as local couples and families are out and about and watching the sunset here in the evening just can’t be beat.

Transportation & How To Get Around Mazatlan

Take A Ride In A Pulmonia

Pulmonia are the most expensive option in Mazatlan – but certainly the coolest. What is a Pulmonia?  Well, they’re unique to Mazatlán and they come in different varieties, but you can think of them as a cross between a super delux golf car and a topless VW beetle. Fares depend somewhat on your negotiation skills but expect rides between Zona Dorada and Old Town to cost around 200 pesos or about $10.  And, they are kind of an attraction in themselves – so you have to do one at least once, right?

Old Town of Mazatlan 

This is where most of Mazatlan’s tourist sights can be found.  It’s possible to stay in this area too at some smaller boutique hotels or Airbnb options, but not many people do – and that’s a shame as there are some really nice cultural options here as well as good dining and nightlife options.  Plus, the beach and Malecon are just a short 5min walk away.

Just off the West side of this square is the Angela Peralta Theater, originally built way back in the 1800’s. It’s a beautifully restored building and regularly offers well known shows and music performances. 

The unofficial center of Old Town is Machada Square (Plazuela) so we recommend starting your exploration from here. It’s a tree lined plaza popular with both locals and tourists and is surrounded by restaurants, bars, and live music at night and locally owned small shops to explore in the daytime.  It’s probably best explored in the evening and we really enjoyed just grabbing an ice cream and people watching.  What’s cool about this area is that all the streets have newly installed uplighting which makes things feel safe and also makes for some great picture taking opportunities as well.     

Just a couple of blocks North of the Plaza Machado is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception —this church was also built back in 1899 and recently wonderfully restored.  Don’t miss making a quick stop inside to see the wonderful light show coming through all the stain glass windows.

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Looking For A Place To Stay?

You may want to consider staying at the DoubleTree by Hilton Mazatlan, they have a really great spa and the views are quite impressive!