Destination:  Krabi, Thailand

When you are planning a trip to Krabi, Thailand you must first stop in Bangkok.  My suggestion is to fly into Bangkok and take 1-2 days there to recover from jetlag, from there take a plane to Krabi, the flight time is 1 hour 19 minutes.  We stayed at Krabi Resort which is 28 kilometers or 17 miles from the airport, we paid for a taxi ride to the resort.  You can get this room as low at $77 per night, make sure you book an upgraded room it is well worth the money, they just recently updated the villas unfortunately they were not ready when we visited the resort.

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands are quite beautiful, we have been here twice to the islands and it seems like every time we come it gets more and more crowded.  If you plan to visit the islands my suggestion is to do a little homework, check for small private excursions.  You can see with some of the pictures of Maya Bay that they take you to is way overcrowded and the boats are lining up to get to the beach with all the tourist.  It is a beautiful setting but has become way to crowded to actually enjoy the beach.

Another bit of information the Phi Phi Islands got hit with the tsunami in December 2004, they now have a warning system if this occurs again which makes you feel a little more at ease.  Over 1000 people lost their lives in this tsunami, as you tour the island you can begin to understand how this could have been possible.  As the tsunami hit even the locals had no idea what was happening let alone the tourists who wanted to video tape what they thought was a tidal wave. It must have been a terrible thing to witness and experience, each time we visit I think about the families that lost loved ones, which according to our tour guide was every single family had lost loved ones in the tsunami.

Thailand massages

 Okay so one of the reasons to go to Thailand is to take advantage of the massages.  You can get quite a great deal on massages, as low as $9-$15 USD for an hour massage.  They have a wide range of massages to choose from. Our favorite massage place is called Massage Corner, I will include the link below.  What we love about this place is that it is hidden away off the street, super quiet as well as they have a nice breeze blowing thru the spa.  Its just fantastic!!!!  There are other massage places in Krabi as well but just do your research on the reviews, really how can you go wrong with an hour massage for less than $10?

Security Passport Pouch

You’ll obviously be taking your passport to Thailand, so it’s a good idea to bring a holder to keep it safe and keep other valuables organized. When you’re in crowded places, like markets and bus stations, it’s an especially good idea to avoid carrying valuables in your pockets. This high quality passport pouch has RFID blocking material inside to protect your personal information.


Video Camera

This camera captures beautiful images and is the perfect accessory to capture your trip in HD. With a flip screen, you can easily see everything you’re recording, from every angle.


Universal Waterproof Phone Case

If you want to protect your phone from dust, sand, dirt and water while also being able to take underwater photos and videos then this little phone case is a must.



You should definitely bring a sarong to Thailand. Sarrong’s are the perfect accessory for travelers because of their versatility – they can be a towel, blanket, swimsuit cover-up, curtain, skirt, beach towel, scarf, and the list goes on.


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