Bali, Indonesia

We traveled to Bali in July, this is actually the best time to visit Bali because it is the DRY season. Bali’s weather is very similar to weather in Hawaii, so at times can be sticky but still very pleasant.  Bali is a province of Indonesia and has one of the biggest Hindu population.  Upon arriving into Bali we hired a private driver which was great because after you get your bags there is a huge line of taxi, uber, private drivers etc that will take you to your hotel, it was nice to have one reserved ahead of time.  Our driver took us to our hotel- The Intercontinental in Bali, WOW just amazing hotel this is probably the nicest hotel that we have stayed in.  The grounds are just truly amazing everywhere you go you want to take a picture at the Resort.  We used our driver for 2 days to drive us around Bali, took us to “Bali Swing”- honestly kind of a tourist trap my suggestion is to do a little research and find the swing that’s not so populated with tourists.  We also visited several temples and he took us to a monkey sanctuary- those are always fun, Gregg stuffed his pockets with peanuts so that we could feed the monkeys while we were there.  The following day we were able to visit some beautiful rice fields and another temple that we enjoyed, I will post some of the websites we used on this vacation below.  After 4 days of staying at The Intercontinental Hotel in Jimbaran we made our way to Courtyard by Marriott in Nusa Dua.

The best things to experience

Tirta Empul Temple

Check out Karsa Spa for a relaxing treatment in this beautiful spot


Rent a scooter and go explore on your own, backroads of Bali are a fun way to get away from the tourist traps.  We loved renting the scooter and exploring on our own, unfortunately the monkey wanted to explore along with us.

Intercontinental Hotel in Bali

Where to stay in Bali

The Intercontinental in Bali was quite incredible, the grounds are undeniably spectacular.  There is a short video of the grounds we took at the bottom of this page, please check it out.  This resort is so beautiful but I do have to say its a little bit out of the way, so if you are looking for a few days to just relax and soak up the sun than this is a perfect place to stay.  Also the breakfast is buffet style and in my opinion worth it- they have a wide range to choose from and about 7 different fresh squeezed juices.  What Iove about the breakfast is that they will come around to your table and give you a sample of a typical Balinese breakfast, one day we had a juice that was delicious and another day we had some sort of a cream puff.  Also, if you want to get a massage head outside the hotel to across the street to Henna Spa, schedule ahead of time for a massage, a 90 minute massage will run you $22, at the hotel its about triple that price.  There are several little restaurants outside the resort, try and get away from the resort and check those out.

The other hotel we stayed at was the Courtyard Marriott in Nusa Dua, this was surprisingly very nice with a lazy river as well as free breakfast.  The also had a complimentary bicycle tour of the area, when you check into the hotel try and book this ahead of time, they only offer this a couple days out of the week.  Also there is a free yoga class in the morning which we loved, its kinda warm so they try to do the class first thing.  The breakfast at the hotel again was very good and its free so take advantage of it, we also took a couple of bananas just in case we wanted to explore the area and we ran into some hungry monkeys.  There is a little town nearby that you can walk to that has several restaurants, we decided to rent a scooter here and it was relatively inexpensive at $8 per day and then you can really explore the area.

Check out the beautiful Temples throughout Bali, try and go to some of the temples that are less crowded, they are all beautiful and well worth the visit.

Bali Swing, well enough said!!!!!  We went to a fairly tourist Bali Swing, check on trip advisor there are several places in Bali that offer this same experience.  Look for places that aren’t so touristy, we arrived with 4 other buses, ended up waiting for over an hour for one ride.  Have to say it is quite an experience so when travelling to Bali make sure you do this!!!

For $3 per person do not miss out on the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.


The best things to bring along


These are great for treks and any long days of exploring. These are also lightweight so they won’t be too suffocating in the Bali heat or be too heavy in your luggage.


Cover Up

A cute cover up is a must for beach days. This lacy cover up dress is the perfect addition to your beach wardrobe.


Tank Top

Bali is beautiful but man, can it get warm! Be sure to always bring a tank top with you for warm days. I own several of these tanks and although they are simple, they have cute backs that add a little something!


Travel Adapter

When figuring out what to pack for Bali, a travel adapter is a must! This adapter will keep your electronics charged and ready to go no matter what country you are in.


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