Cambodia – Visiting Siem Reap Temples and visiting a Floating Village

How do you compare Siem Reap to any other vacation????  Very simply you cannot!!!!  This trip was just so incredible, visiting the Temples in Siem Reap and meeting all of the wonderful people from Cambodia was life changing.  Read through this page and learn more about visiting the temples, be sure to check out our hotel that we stayed at, its quite affordable in fact hubby is headed back to Cambodia with some friends this next year to explore more of Cambodia and is staying at this hotel again.

 Check out some of our Cambodia travel tips & highlights below!    And check back later to watch the YouTube video of our trip we are working on.

Happy Travels to Siem Reap!

Google Map of our Hotels & Key Sights


Here are our recommendations for best sights in Cambodia. Use the + or – button to scroll through our recommendations.

First things First … Getting Your Visa in Cambodia


Make sure to  bring $30 USD per person (exact change in USD) for your visa processing fee.

When you land in Cambodia there is a very small airport, so no ATM’s available.  As you get off the airplane try to get quickly into the terminal, there are about 12 people that need to review your passport so may take some time to get your passport and Visa taken care of.

Once processed, you will get a visa sticker in your passport and they will stamp it upon entry and exit.

Diamond Angkor Boutique Hotel

Siem Reap International Airport

Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Thom Temple

Floating Village

Our hotel in Siem Reap


Our hotel was the Diamond D’Angkor Boutique Hotel

My hubby researched alot of hotels for our Cambodia stay, even when we were there we looked at several hotels and found that this one was by far the best choice.  In fact, my husband booked this hotel again for an upcoming “guys trip” in February.

Free airport pickup and dropoff, free breakfast. Swimming pool and did I mention we had the best massages at the hotel?   The hotel staff is incredible, you really feel like you are the only one staying there, everytime we came back to the hotel they would call us by our names.  The service is so fantastic!!!!! Forgot to mention at breakfast they always came over to me to serve fresh watermelon juice. 

Hotel is about a 10 minute walk into the downtown area with restaurants, bars, shops and more massage places.  We tried a couple of massage places downtown and they are not worth the money, schedule your massage at the hotel, its really quite incredible.  I had a hot oil massage and had 2 ladies working on me, one heating the stones while the other was massaging- have I inticed you enough? 





Hiring a Private Guide?

Yes, so you can do all the research on your own.  But honestly all of our trips we are able to download maps and history of some of the places we visit.  Also We think its better to have a private guide then going with a larger group because you are able to spend a little more time at a particular destination and get more detailed information from someone who lives in Cambodia.  

Meet Choeurt Chum, we call him  “June”one of the best guides we had and highly recommend him for tours through Cambodia.  We did a motorcycle tour with him through villages, learned about basket weavings and had a beautiful ride through some rice fields. If you are interested in booking a private tour please contact me and I can get you in contact with June.

Want to enjoy the nightlife that Siem Reap has?  This is only a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel.  Has tons of different bars and restaurants to choose from.  You can find a good meal for around $5, go at night to enjoy all of the craziness that Siem Reap has to offer.  Also don’t forget about the massage places for super cheap, as low as $3. 

Tours In Cambodia


Tipping is not required in Cambodia but this is a 3rd world country and their hourly wage ~$.33, so if you get good service which is everywhere we went they will be very grateful.

Our recommendation is to not overtip you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable so eating & massages we would tip $1-2.

The Cambodian currency is called Riel.  Here is a currency converter you can use, also download one on your phone as well. 

Currency Converter


Key Points & Tips…

Plan for your tours early in the mornings.  Cambodia gets very hot & sticky.  Bring a fan and large hat to protect your face from the sun.  

Primary Sights To See & Things to Do: 

  • Angkor Wat, you can hire a private tour guide for ~$15. We hired a guide to take us to Angkor Wat and numerous temples in the area, waht I can tell you is that some of the guides can understand and speak English but it may be very difficult to understand them, this was the case for us on this tour.  I have listed our guide in another one of our tours and he is awesome!!!!!  Please contact him to organize your tours through Angkor Wat.
  • Angkor Thom, Siem Reap This is my favorite temple of all, was overwhelmed with the site of these large carved faces in the rocks.  You can get up close to them.  Established in the 12th century its just an incredible experience to be there.  Make sure you put this as a priority on your list for Cambodia.
  • You probably have seen the movie but are not as familar with the name of the temple. Ta Prohm, Tomb Raider This temple is famous due to the fact it was the site of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.  Try and go early this is a huge tourist stop.  We had issues trying to get pictures without having someone try and jump in and get their picture taken at the same time.
  • Floating Village in Siem Reap this is a tourist type of thing to do and normally we try and stay away from things like this.  Tour starts in the afternoon and you take a bus ride out to an area where you board a boat that takes you into the floating village.  At first we felt kinda for the families who live in this area, we were thinking how would you like to have all these boats coming in and invading your privacy, but then again it brings in money and they rely on this.  They offer a private tour through the mangroves by a local in their canoe- looking for tips of course.  We actually chose not to do this and waited for everyone to get back.  Afterwards you can take in a beautiful sunset, ie. picture at the top of this page is of the floating village at sunset.









Scooter Tour through Cambodia

If you follow me on instagram or twitter then you will know that we like to take off the beaten path tours.  Learning how the locals live and discovering new cultures.  So on this trip we booked a scooter tour and that is where we met June- our travel guide I mentioned above.

This tour is great because you get to visit a local market and try different kinds of foods.  June is a local and was able to explain how the market works and you really get a sense of being part of the community.

He also took us to a village that baskets are made by hand, she sells them for $5 each to a middle man and then he takes the baskets to market. To be able to meet families in the villages was a great experience. 

Have you ever known exactly how rice is grown?  With this tour June took us through some rice fields and explained about this rice, as we were going along on our scooter a head popped out of the rice field, it was a water buffalo- we were very surprised to see them just chillin out in the water.



Websites used for

this trip…….

Interesting Facts about Cambodia

35% of the population is under the age of 17.
People that live in Cambodia are either called Cambodians or Khmer.

Evidence suggests that Cambodia may be as old as 4000 BC

Estimated population of Cambodia is 16.72 million for 2020 statistics

The average salary for Cambodians is $274 USD per month.

MUST HAVE TRAVEL essentials for 



Read more about some of my favorite accessories under my travel tips.

Portable Fans

This portable fan is approved from The Scottsdale Travel Chick.  Make sure to purchase a portable fan for your trip, its very hot and sticky and especially when visiting the Temples with no shade


Sun Hat

Make sure you have a good sun hat for your trip, this has an adjustable strap as well as good ventilation so your head can breathe a little in the hot sun.


Eddie Bauer Travel Pants

These are great pants not only to travel with on the plane- I like to use the side pocket to store my passport.  These pants were great for our Cambodia trip because they were lightweight and they can easily fit into your suitcase.  Also if you are visiting the temples you will need to have either some pants or long skirt to cover your legs. 



We use this backpack on all of our trips.  This one folds flat and easily can fit into your suitcase.  It has 3  compartments and one side can hold a large water bottle.  This is a great backpack to take if you are walking around the city or taking a bike ride through the countryside.


 Tour Siem Reap with private guide- June

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