Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is an island that sits between Cambodia and Vietnam.  The only way to get to Phu Quoc is from within Vietnam so if you are in Cambodia, you will need to enter Vietnam first.

The interesting thing is that Phu QUoc is the only place in Vietnam that you can enter without a visa requirement!  So long was you are transiting to/from outside Vietnam directly to Phy Quoc and back out of Vietnam again, you don’t need a visa –  That is what we did!

We flew on Vietnam Air, planes are smaller so if you are doing carry-on luggage make sure your bag will fit in the overhead – which means 20″ or 19″ bags (smaller than US carry-on sizing which generally allows 21″ bags).   I’m always trying to downsize my carry-on but haven’t mastered going to such a small size yet.  🙂

From Siem Reap, our flight took about 6 hours with the layover and we did have a bit of a flight delay flying out of Cambodia.  FYI, always check the monitors at airports- in Cambodia they moved us to a different gate and we had no idea.

Check out some of our Phu Quoc  travel tips & highlights below!    And check back later to watch the YouTube video of our trip we are working on.

Vietnam Wihout a Visa?  Yes -If You are Only Going to Phu Quoc !


No worries here, if you fly into Ho Chi Minh and onto Phu Quoc a Visa is not required.  Do a little research before you fly into Phu Quoc.  At the time we traveled, it was not required but of course that could change.  As we exited the airplane they wanted us to purchase a visa regardless but ended up talking with several different people and we were allowed to go to our gate without having to purchase a Visa.

Our hotel in Phu Quoc





We stayed at the Intercontinental Resort Phu Quoc

This is one of those hotels that you write home about.  It was so amazing!!!!!  From the swimming pools, to the breakfast, to the beaches and much much more.

 From the airport its about a 10 minute taxi ride.  This resort is kinda off on its own, so there is not a ton of places to walk to – so we decided to rent a scooter.  Several scooter locations will deliver right to your hotel.  Honestly its the best way to see the island.  Just be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles – by all means wear your HELMET!!!!

 Most of the rooms face the ocean, so my suggestion is to also ask for one with a soaking tub. Oh yes!!!!  This is a newer IHG hotel and they have really spared no expense in making this hotel one of a kind!










For a relaxing place to experience a wonderful sunset, check out this restaurant – Shri Beach Club & Bar

The food seemed kinda expensive so we just ordered a couple of rounds of drinks. The sunsets are quite incredible, so pull up a chair and enjoy watching the sun dip into the ocean.

The restaurant is about 8.5km from the hotel which takes about 13 minutes, but if you rented a scooter then it might take you a little longer.  Scroll down the page to learn more about renting a scooter in Phu Quoc.

Another note worthy little cafe that we found in town is called Amanda’s Ice Cream & Cafe. This cafe has breakfast, lunch and all kinds of sweets.  Near the harbor so you can check out the boats while grabbing something sweet to eat.

Need a Massage?


So a trip to Asia is never complete unless you get a massage.  We found this massage spa at Best Western Resort.  This resort is so beautiful, we did not stay here but did walk around to check out things- check this out before finalizing your plans for Phu Quoc.

The massage was probably one of the best massages I have ever had, they also offer package deals and discounts so make sure you ask about those.

Tours In Phu Quoc


Tipping is not required in Vietnam, their hourly wage ~$4.32, so if you get good service they will be very grateful.

Our recommendation is to not overtip  as you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable and you don’t want to distort their culture to US standards – so eating & massages we would tip $1-2.

If you decide to exchange money make sure you bring new money.  Foriegn bills cannot have any tears or writing anywhere.  Please take my advice as we went through several $100 bills before they would exchange one them at the hotel.

The Cambodian currency is called Dong.  Here is a currency converter you can use, also you should download one on your phone as well. 

Vietnam Currency





During our visit we did a 1 day tour with John’s Tour.  This was an entire day tour which included speed boat to an island, snorkel, lunch on a beach, and the cable car ride.

The speed boat ride was a bit uncomfortable (and wet) and snorkeling was not the best as the water was not very clear.  From there we had lunch on an island which as under development as a resort and water park.  All the boats go to the same place and everyone is on a schedule so be sure to grab a chair early to soak up some sun.

My favorite part of the trip was actually the cable car.  The cable car promoted as the longest over water cable car in the world.  It seems like it could be!  It drops you off at a place called Pineapple Island- who wouldn’t want to visit Pineapple Island!  When we visited,they were still working on the island.  The island will be both an amusement park and beach resort- so very touristy.  Not really our cup of tea but we did enjoy the cable car and looking at all the boats floating in water below us.


Scooter through Phu Quoc

As soon as we arrived at the hotel we ordered a scooter delivered to the hotel so that we could tour the island independently.  There are numerous scooter rentals in Phu Quoc and you can find one to deliver a scooter to your hotel and pick it up when we were finished.  This makes things a lot easier.

Here is the link to the scooter rental company we used.

Scooter Rental Service

Phu Quoc is a total of 221 sq mile so we decided to check out the southern part of Phu Quoc.  There are some beautiful beaches that are owned by Resorts, you can do a visit and order a drink and then do a little snorkling in the water.

Interesting Facts

Phu Quoc is the largest Island in Vietnam.

Max width of the island is only 15.50 miles

On an average the temperature of Phu Quoc stays at 87 degrees year round.

 There is a beach where you can find Starfish in amazing different colors, known as Starfish Beach. We went here but it is really now just a tourist trap – many food anddrinking places on the beach but no starfish.  Tip:  It is a long bumpy ride out to this beach and no longer worth it, don’t bother!




Read more about some of my favorite accessories under my travel tips.

Portable Fans

This portable fan is approved from The Scottsdale Travel Chick.  Make sure to purchase a portable fan for your trip, its very hot and sticky there.


Sun Hat

Make sure you have a good sun hat for your trip, this has an adjustable strap as well as good ventilation so your head can breathe a little in the hot sun.


Eddie Bauer Travel Pants

These are great pants not only to travel with on the plane- I like to use the side pocket to store my passport.  These pants were great for our trip because they were lightweight and they can easily fit into your suitcase.   



We use this backpack on all of our trips.  This one folds flat and easily can fit into your suitcase.  It has 3  compartments and one side can hold a large water bottle.  This is a great backpack to take if you are walking around the city or taking a bike ride through the countryside.


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